Sunday, 8 July 2012

A "Gaggle of Googles", an "Assembly of Androids"

Is it just me or is it as the smart phones get bigger their boxes get smaller?
Left to right, Google G1 (HTC Dream)(3.2" screen), Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000(4" screen) and Samsung Galaxy S III GT I9300 (4.8" screen).
The G1 is running FROYO 2.2.1, the Galaxy S is running GINGERBREAD 2.3.6 and the Galaxy S III is running ICECREAMSANDWICH 4.0.4 . All are rooted and network unlocked.
I only picked the Galaxy S III up from T Mobile at 14:30 on Friday the 6th of July and by 09:30 on the Saturday it was Rooted, SIM unlocked and running the latest ICS version of Android. Would've been quicker but I went to the pub Friday night!
The Galaxy S III is fantastically fast look at the Quadrant score for it.
Go here for the Quadrant score for my Galaxy S after tweaking it some time ago, what a difference?

 As you can see from the below screen shot the Galaxy S III is network unlocked.