Sunday, 22 February 2009

My new T mobile G1 phone

Well on Wednesday I bit the bullet and went and got a new T mobile G1 phone, the first smart phone with the android operating system.What can I say, well pretty good!
Like the Apple i phone it relies on adding applications to give full functionality. I will say that I see this as a mobile browser that has a phone, as opposed to the other way around! Any way after messing around with it for sometime I realised that I had registered it to the wrong Google account, ( yes it ties a lot of it's app's to a Google account, so you can't use it until you have one! No big sweat.) not a problem though as opposed to what some people say you can easily start over again and put the google account details of your choice in.
Now there's a rather nice web receiver over in Bedfordshire and I thought that it'd be nice to access this via the G1, ah but there is no streaming audio facility, a quick trip to the 'Market' and I installed a free application called Antplayer which let me access the receiver's audio stream.

So there I am walking down the road, tuning and listening to a web receiver as if I was there.
The internet connection is via the 3G network and is always on, although as it has Wifi as well, when in range of your home or an open network you can connect to that instead!
I still can't stop playing!
I'll do a more in depth review at a later date.