Saturday, 20 June 2009

Applications on the G1

I've been playing with the 1000's of Apps that you can get since day one but lately I've been deciding on which is the best streaming audio app to have. Well first off I used "Antplayer" but I didn't like the way it worked and it buffered a lot, so then I thought I'd found the best one, "Stream furious", did everything I wanted except for AAC/AAC+. Any way used it everyday for the last few months until a new App appeared, this is called "A Online Radio", now this does everything "Stream Furious" does plus the AAC/AAC+ formats inaddition to mp3/m3u/pls.
If it covered the mms:// format it would be perfect.

The other streaming media player that I've been playing with is Beeb player, now this lets you watch live BBC TV plus watch again programs and live and recorded BBC radio.
It's a shame nobody is doing one for ITV, although saying that, "Zatoo" are supposed to be working on a Android version of their player.

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