Monday, 16 March 2009

Extended battery for T-Mobile G1

On Friday morning I ordered a extended power battery for my G1.
It's a 2200mAh Li-ion job and comes with a deeper replacement back cover.
The original battery is only 1150mAh and costs £19.56 from T-Mobile in the UK.
The high power one I brought cost £19.47 with the new back cover! Apparently the same item in the USA has been selling for around $50, so for once the UK is cheaper.
I got mine from here, superetrader , oh did I mention, I ordered on Friday morning and received it Saturday morning at 11:45, now that's what I call service!
Now does it make a difference? Well I'd say yes, I'm constantly surfing and listening to the WNKR stream using Stream furious and normally the original battery would be flat after 4 hours, the new one after only one full charge lasted over 12 hours.

Well that's all for now, Dave.

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